Little kids Collection

Little Kids 3
Autor: Fredy E. Nieto Galviz
ISBN: 958854417-3
Formato: 23 x 30 cm
Interior: 128 páginas
Color: 4 tintas
Encuadernación: rústica

$ 76.000

Little Kids is a series of three English books which, activities have been carefully designed to enjoy and stimulate the learning process of English language in children from preschool levels, in a funny and clear way. In this series you will find activities that help children to learn new vocabulary and develop language, communicative skills and English pronunciation, using the text book and an audio CD.


1. This is my country
2. My school
3. On the street
4. The park
5. The hospital
6. The restaurant
7. Professions / Occupations
8. The zoo
9. Values and special dates