I speak English Collection

I speak English 3
Autor: Carmen Rosa Muñoz Ortiz
ISBN: 978958854448-9
Formato: 30 x 23  cm
Interior: 136 páginas
Color: 4 tintas
Encuadernación: rústica

$ 87.000

I speak English 3 is a pedagogical proposal designed with the purpose of developing the English communicative competences in children from early education in real contexts.
This course is composed by:
* Student’s book.
* Cards with the contextualized vocabulary and teacher’s guide.
* CD that contains songs and basic vocabulary audio of each page.
* Interactive games designed for children’s ages that enable to reinforce communicative skills, cognitive processes and their emotional development.


1. Let’s go to study
2. The family wears different clothes
3. My body is wonderful
4. Playing is funny
5. The environment
6. Where do you live?
7. I enjoy eating
8. Shapes, sizes and numbers
9. The city and transportation
10. Professions